Ring Bearer Ideas Alternatives to Pillow

Cool and Stunning Ring Bearer Ideas Alternatives to Pillow

by April 18, 2019

Nowadays, there are dozens of options for personalizing your wedding, and perhaps you want something one of a kind for the dream wedding by using ring bearer ideas alternatives to pillow. For your information, if we back to the old days, women usually make a ring bearer pillow for the wedding or engagement. Now, maybe you have prepared all bridal accessories that represent you as a couple from head to toe. However, if you find a problem when searching for ring bearer alternatives, look at these lists below!

  • Box
    Never underestimate the function of a box. It may seem quite common, but there are endless materials, color, shapes and also styles that box brings. It also fits any kind of wedding style from rustic to modern. For a modern wedding, opt for a silver jewel box or a porcelain white stoneware box for the ring bearer. Otherwise, for a rustic wedding, opt for a wooden box or an antique box.
  • Nests
    A bird’s nest is such a good idea for ring bearer ideas alternatives to pillow to symbolize a new life. Tie it together with some twine and ribbon by using foliage and wicker. Put a moss whereupon you’re going to set the rings. Tie them tightly to avoid falling out. This idea is perfect for a rustic wedding theme.
  • Frame
    If you love a vintage wedding theme, an embroidery picture frame is perfect for your ring bearer. You can create your own embroidery frame and then customize it with love poem, marriage date or name initials.
  • Seashell
    A seashell ring bearer is perfect if your wedding is on the beach. You can find a beautiful shell and then fill it with sand half way. Put the rings simply in the sand afterward. For an additional touch, you can make it engraved with your names and the marriage date.
  • A rustic book
    A rustic book to bear your wedding ring is just a fabulous idea whether your wedding theme is rustic or modern. Choose one rustic book and then open the book’s front cover and then cut out a small section to put the rings upon. For the final touch, you can add ribbon or twine to beautify them.

In fact, there are also other accessories and details necessary for a seamless and complete wedding ceremony. Well, these ring bearer ideas alternatives to pillow could be a great substitution for a traditional pillow to bear the wedding rings.

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