pardon my fro shower curtain

What Make Pardon My Fro Shower Curtain Good for Your Bathroom?

by April 17, 2019

As you know, all shower curtains are not made equal and pardon my fro shower curtain is one of them. They are such a fabulous option to be hung in your shower or bathtub. They are made from polyester with such stunning design to make your bathroom up to date with funky style.

Nowadays, many people prefer a functional bathroom rather than the conventional one. The necessity for a functional bathroom can be easily camouflaged by using a shower curtain. Nevertheless, there are several things you will need to take into account when it comes to choosing the best one for your bathroom. Search for colors and style you love, and make sure to have the correct shape and size of the shower. Most essentially, you also have to be careful when picking the right fabric to make it more bathroom-ready.

When it comes to choosing material for a shower curtain, polyester is one of the most recommended options to go for. The material is waterproof and also easy to care for. Another good material for curtains is nylon which is more expensive. So makes pardon my fro shower curtain great choice for a shower curtain? Let’s take a look!

  • Durability: hower curtains made from polyester are fairly durable. They can actually be washed in a dryer or washing machine. Furthermore, polyester is also resilient, makes it a good choice for sure.
  • Water absorption: Somehow, you’re going to find that polyester is considered as hydrophonic fabric. It means that it has a tendency to keep away water.

Even though polyester is water resistant and durable, it is also claimed that the material is not environmentally friendly as the material can’t be easily degraded. However, if you search for a shower curtains which do not contain toxic, then polyester curtains could be an outstanding selection for your household.

Since polyester curtains are sturdy and woven thick, the material feels like canvas. The main advantage of it is that it is water resistant, easy to clean and various styles to opt for. Now that you have chosen a polyester curtain, you have to make sure to keep it nice. Keep the plastic liner and do not forget to wash it infrequently. Regular washing is able to damage the curtains and make it easy to tear. If you want your curtain to be last for many years to come, it is recommended to coat pardon my fro shower curtain with water-resistant material to prevent damage from daily water spread on the curtain surfaces.

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