Dinerware home office

Dinerware Home Office, the Perfect Program for Every Restaurant Owners

by April 15, 2019

Dinerware home office is here to help restaurant owners to manage their business, right from the comfort of home. Restaurant is a hassle to manage, and you can’t help to go back and forth to check up on it. This is apparent to owners that have a large franchise network. To go check up on the progress of each restaurant is tiring, and that is why this program is here to help you.

Well, Dinerware point of sale system is great for small and large restaurants alike. It is popular for its user-friendly design, tons of features, instant synchronization, and customization. It offers reduced order times, great for a restaurant that wants to offer swift customer service. Built-In tablet support allows the employees to move more and be more flexible in the business. Your employees won’t have trouble contacting and interacting with the system since it is very user-friendly.

Dinerware Home Office Remotely System

With the addition of dinerware home office, the system is now web supported and able to be managed remotely. You can manage the menu, reports, and switch between each restaurants in your business in the comfort of your home. The system changed with this program will be easier than ever. It offers the same features as the dinerware POS system, and it adds automated reporting for you and employees, labor management, employee list, as well as custom shift changer.

In addition, the cloud-based system allows you to store past business ledgers, reports, and other important records. You can always access these files at any time anywhere. You do not have to worry about safety because it has a private secure connection and the unique ID that your mobile system and in restaurant system has. With a bandwidth exceeding 100 Mb/s, you do not have to worry about late reports or slow synchronization.

For your information, managing a restaurant is not so troublesome anymore with dinerware systems for helping your business. The bar and food business owners can also take an advantage of this system. With it, your business will take less time on processing the orders and more time interacting with the customers. In addition, food truck owners will love this system as well. You do not have to be with employees in the truck all day as you can manage everything at home. With dinerware home office to help your business, you will have a large franchise in no time.

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