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Ceiling Joist Definition to Find Ceiling Joist the Right Way

by April 8, 2019

When it comes to ceiling joist definition, there are some aspects you have to take into account. Ceiling joist itself is defined as the horizontal members that provide a structure to support and fix the ceiling. It should also support diagonal rafter which defines the shape of house roof. Locating ceiling joist is somehow tricky because you need to define the right place for the best support. Therefore, it is important to know how to find ceiling joist.

You should know that ceiling joist is usually installed 16 to 24 inches on center. In other words, each joist is maximally 24 inches apart. After locating the first joist, it will be easier to install the other ones. Sometimes, you might need to know the direction of the joists. If this happens, simply access the attic and take a quick look. You will be able to find which direction it runs. However, to know the exact location of joist, there are some other things to do.

To find ceiling joist definition, you will need to prepare several things such as tape measure and stud finder. Whenever you are ready, extend the tape approximately 24 inches from the wall if you cannot find the joist 16 inches from ceiling corner. Still using the tape, you should measure the rough location of next joist which is 16 to 24 inches apart from the first. Tap the ceiling with stud finder to pinpoint the location. Repeat the method for other joists.

When using electronic stud finder, it will be easier to determine whether or not the joist presence. The stud finder will indicate the joist by illuminating a light or showing signal with a tone. When it happens, it means the wall density increases. Besides, you also need to move the stud finder slowly to accurately detect the joist location.

Why should you find ceiling joist definition architecture? There are some reasons why you might need to locate the ceiling joists. When you are going to install new light fixtures, decorations, or ceiling fans, it is essential to find joist location to support the installation. Joist is considered to have perfect density that will be able to support fans, decoration, or other fixtures for safety reason.

After finding the ceiling joists, you need to be careful in installing the fixtures. Make sure you really know the exact location of joists and have good determination in order to give adequate support to the installation. Because of this reason, knowing ceiling joist definition is essential.

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