Betta Fish Vase with Bamboo

Betta Fish Vase with Bamboo and Tips to Do It Properly

by April 8, 2019

People have a question regarding betta fish vase with bamboo. They want to know whether this thing is appropriate way without extreme consequence or not. As you know, bamboo looks good to put in fish tank for decoration. Furthermore, betta fish with beautiful color will create exquisite environment. More information will be explained at below section.

Bamboo plant is longer than fish vase

Betta fish or also poplar as Siamese fighting fish has different behavior. It is not fish where two or more fishes can live together in the same place. You only keep one vase for one fish. With fighting character, aggressive fighting often happens and only one will survive. To put bamboo inside betta fish tank, you need one with half of plant is above water. Bamboo is lightweight and easy to submerge. In tight space, bamboo will consume more water.

Give more room

This part has direct connection to previous list. You keep betta fish vase with bamboo in enough space to move around easily. Aggressive character means the fish cannot stay idle. If the vase is full of bamboo, the leaf and root will be obstacle. As result, fish body and color go deteriorate quickly. How many bamboos should be in one vase? One is enough; keep it at center. If you choose two plants, put in left and right side to give more area at center.

Add nature stones

Bamboo needs neutralize and nature stone is good option. It helps to soothe water and control bamboo root. In general, bamboo is tropical plant that takes much water. In that case, this plant grows quite fast. The stone helps to keep the growth rate in check, though only at minimum level. Moreover, your vase looks beautiful with nature stone.

Filter and water clearing

Filter and water clearing are important if you have betta vase with bamboo. Water has to be clear every day. Small vase might not need filter, but you should keep fresh water at least once every week. It helps to provide more oxygen and nutrition to fish. Regular cleaning includes reducing bamboo root and leaf.

Research showed that betta fish has high resilient capability to stay alive in tough water condition. However, you cannot afford to get fish die easily because of excess bamboo. There is no issue to add bamboo as long as it is in balance amount. Make sure betta fish vase with bamboo is clean and fresh every day.

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