Eiffel tower vases bulk

Eiffel Tower Vases Bulk Decoration Ideas for Special Dinner and Other Occasions

by March 20, 2019

Decorating a house with Eiffel tower vases bulk can be nice idea. Among many kinds of vases, Eiffel tower model can be great option because of the unique style and sleek design. Then, the vases are made from glass. These combinations make the vases can be great placed as centerpiece in the table. Of course, it can also be used for some special purposes. When you are going to have special dinner with families or special guests, you can make your decoration beautiful with it.

Actually, there are many ideas of home decoration by using the tower vases. Even, some bigger decorations also use this kind of vases, such as in the wedding. It shows that the vases can become great part of decoration; even it can be one of the main attentions. These are some simple ideas to try when you want to have nice and easy decoration by using the vases.

LED lighting

First idea is to use the LED lighting. It can be so suitable when you are choosing the clear glasses. Mostly, the Eiffel tower vases bulk will have several options of colors, including clear glasses, black, and also white. The LED lighting can be good part when you are using the clear vases. The lighting can give special accents, and it can be combined with other things.


In term of flowers, you can use many kinds of flower and these include the real and plastic flower. In the case of Eiffel tower vases, it is not necessary to choose different colors of flowers. Even if you only have single color of flowers, it is enough.


Then, the tower vases can also be nice with feathers. You can easily decorate the vases by using features. You only need to use the sponges as the media to place the features. As the case of flowers, it is also great even if you only have a color for the features. In some chances, the vases can also use both feathers and flowers. You will not regret for using the combination.

Well, you can combine three of them to get better decoration for the centerpiece. It is also fine if you do not want to use it as centerpiece. In case you want to make it more attractive, beads can be added. It can become additional part that beautifies the decoration. Since there are also some options of size, you should put it into your consideration when you look for the Eiffel tower vases bulk.

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