e81964 ceiling fan

E81964 Ceiling Fan Installation and Tools You Surely Need

by March 19, 2019

E81964 ceiling fan is one of recommended ceiling fans to have. This ceiling fan has various styles that you can choose. All of them offer beautiful look that may add the value of your room. Although many of them are available in elegant look, you can get simplest style if you want to go simple. Additionally, several types provide light bulb that is covered. So it can light up and cool down the room at the same time. Another good thing from the ceiling fan is that it comes with a remote. Hence, you can just sit down and press the button to turn on the fan.

Tools for Installing E81964 Ceiling Fan

The harbor breeze ceiling fan installation can be done on your own if you wish to do that. There are steps you can follow. Before going to that topic, it is better to know tools that you may need to install the fan. Actually, tools that will be mentioned are the basic ones to have for any application. Let’s get to know them. Crescent wrench is the first tool. It can tighten any bolt or support brace. Cordless drill that has a long bit is used to install utility box or junction box to the ceiling joists. Voltage tester is to test electricity presence. Wire cutters are to cut wire.

Pliers are to tighten lock nuts and set screws. Screwdrivers are to drive or turn screws. There are two common screwdrivers to have: Philip and flat-head. Electrician’s tape is a secure tape for rugerials conducting electricity. Ladder is to reach the ceiling. Dusk mask is to avoid inhaling any debris or dust. Last one is safety glasses that are used to avoid harmful rugerial coming into eyes. There are 10 tools in total. Now let’s learn steps to install e81964 ceiling fan. First of all, you need to remove electrical box, install support brace, and place u-bolt. You can now install a new outlet box. Second, install mounting bracket and assemble the motor housing.

What comes next is about the wiring. You need to be careful on this and follow the instructions (if there is any). Once you are done, install the canopy and also attach and assemble the fan blades. Do not forget to switch housing later. It is time to do something with the light kit. You are near to an end because three steps left are connecting the pull chain, syncing wall control, and testing the fan. If it functions well, you are totally successful installing e81964 ceiling fan.

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