Cushionless Patio Furniture

The Best Cushionless Patio Furniture for your Modern Home

by March 15, 2019

Cushionless patio furniture is a trend nowadays with any minimalist and modern style houses. Tit is the modern concept with a touch of classic or traditional craft of furniture. Your patio won’t be complete without these furnishings. There are many choices starting from handmade wicker style, industrial, and classic. What to choose between the many choices out there? Well, here are some tips to pick the right ones.

Picking the design

Material and style go hand in hand in any deck. Industrial design offers rugged, simple and crude style, suited for any concrete deck or industrial design decks. If you are into more subtle and fit-for-all design, wicker or rattan design is your pick. It doesn’t stick out of the deck and offer a more minimalist, traditional atmosphere. If you are into vintage designs, the classic style is for you. This style is perfect if you want to design a modern country home, and don’t want to ruin the classic farmhouse atmosphere.

Choosing the Material

Cushionless patio furniture is only as durable and comfortable as the material. You need to make sure the material is weather resistant and high quality. The comfort wicker or rattan is the comfiest type. With the flexible material, you can sit comfortably without any worries of a sore back. Industrial, on the other hand, is much harder since it was made with either wood or metal. It won’t be friendly to your back if you sit there for a while. Classic depends a lot on the designer, but it is generally comfortable for all-night barbeque or sitting around for afternoon tea.

Why not pick standard patio furniture?

Cushioning on outdoor furniture is a bad idea. You need to clean it every day since the dust and water can ruin the foam quickly. Sun can bleach the color of cushion, also breaking the surface if you use leather ones. While it is more comfortable, the non-cushion furniture is not that far behind. Non-cushioned furniture requires only a few cleaning every now and then. Without any cushion, you can just leave it to be outside without a sweat.

A nice patio will bring a lot of eyes to your house next time you have a barbeque. Moreover, bringing out most of the deck is the job of furniture. With the right cushionless patio furniture, you can make your house the gem of the neighborhood.

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