Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Solutions for Home Owners with Antique Taste

by March 13, 2019

Is it possible to find clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions? If you own one of these antique bathtubs, you will understand how hard it is to find a suitable shower curtain. The bathtub is not attached to any wall or structure. It stands by its own and can be placed in the middle of a room. Adding curtains without thoughtful consideration will reduce its aesthetical value greatly. The shower curtain may not be as useful without proper designing. It can also be dangerous to you in some cases.

What are the common problems of shower curtain applied on clawfoot bathtub? There are people who complain that “clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to me”. It usually happens when you are entering the tub. Because inevitably water will splash a little and wet the body, shower curtain may stick. It can get annoying and not to mention dangerous when getting entangled with the curtain. In any kind of tub, shower curtain will billow toward the direction of the tub. It is caused by temperature difference between the outside environment and inside the tub.

One of working clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions for such cases is by making your own curtain liner. Standard liner size tends to be longer than the tub. Because of that length difference, billowing will be much worse. If home owner is making their own curtain liner, they can match the length easily. In addition to making Do-It-Yourself curtain liner, space heater is a great method to prevent billowing. It is done to match temperature inside the tub with the outer environment because as stated previously, temperature difference causes it to happen.

When showering inside clawfoot bathtub, it is highly recommended to keep the liner inside. It will prevent water from splashing on the outer side of tub. Because of that, there will be lower chance of slippage when you are getting out of shower. Unfortunately, there are not many shower curtain types that can accommodate this because they are not big enough. Customizing the curtain size is a great way to do it. It is probably better if home owner is choosing curtain material that repels water in the best way.

There are home owners who have tried those methods and have shown highly desirable result. Customization might be more expensive but it makes the antique furniture more usable and also increases safety. Please try these clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions because they are worth it!

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