Claritin pillow

Claritin Pillow, Smart Way to Block Allergens during Your Precious Sleep

by March 12, 2019

Claritin pillow is a great product to be used by people who often show allergic reactions toward certain substances. This pillow promises to filter allergens and other micro contents in the air so sleeper will have better sleeping quality without showing allergic symptoms later. How does this particular pillow will be helping people to get good quality sleep? How to maintain this pillow at ultimate condition? Everything about the pillow will be discussed in this passage.

This pillow earns anti-allergens badge because of its constructing material. The pillow is made of fabric material that feels soft to the touch. This material is also highly breathable. Air can flow through the fibers of this material. Meanwhile, common allergens (pollen, dander, dust, and others) will be filtered and cannot seep through its material. Because of that, when sleeping, the user will not involuntarily inhale those micro allergens through their nose. Since the material is soft, sleeping also feels more comfortable instead of annoying.

Claritin pillow is mostly designed for people who love to sleep on their side. It provides support that is not flimsy so that sleeper who sleeps on the side will not experience pain in areas where body meets with the mattress and pillow. It is even quipped with gusset in size of 2 inches to give extra support for sleeper so that they can have even better sleep. Nonetheless, back sleeper will also find benefits from using this pillow too even if they are not at as big risk as side sleeper of inhaling allergens during sleep.

The material that is being used in this pillow is a hypoallergenic one. The cover is made fully of polyester material. There is also special filler for the inner part of this pillow that is also breathable and hypoallergenic. How to clean Claritin pillow? It is not difficult at all. The polyester cover of this pillow can be easily removed because it has zipper to allow user to remove cover from the pillow. The cover and pillow can be washed easily either by hand or washing machine. The material is quite sturdy to handle rough treatment from the machine, although it is suggested that you are hand washing it for better longevity.

Many people are unaware that they can inhale allergens through their pillow. This particularly applies for people who sleep on the side and on the stomach. Choosing pillow that will reduce this incident is very important for health. Get Claritin pillow if you feel that it is necessary.

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