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How to Restore Antique Butcher Block for Sale in Craigslist

by March 11, 2019

An antique butcher block craigslist is able to add warmth as well as providing a large space to work on. The butcher block is very beneficial in the kitchen space. However, an antique butcher block will require frequent cleaning, sealing and also conditioning. The sealing makes uses of wax or oil which should be applied twice in a year to keep it from looking dull, dismal and prevent from it from cracking. If you find an antique butcher block from Craigslist, then you will need to sterilize it to make sure its hygiene.

The truth is that an antique butcher block is able to last almost forever as it’s featured with patina along with marks or wears which makes them very attractive for the kitchen space. If you get an antique butcher block all you have to do is cleaning, refurbishing and sterilizing it to be used in the kitchen or even being a decorative table.


When it comes to clean an antique butcher block craigslist, first of all, you have to clean it with water and soap. Avoid making use of lots of water and wipe the soap off with a wet cloth. Wipe it again with a dirt free damp cloth. In order to sterilize the block, spray it with a solution made from 1tsp of bleach mixed with water. Toward the cutting surface, you are able to seal it with linseed oil. For odor control and disinfecting, wipe it with a small amount of bleach water.


Once the cleaning process is done, search for rot, discoloration as well as checking for a rotten smell if you get an unclean aged butcher block from Craigslist. Scrub it with warm foamy water and brush it with solid bristle to loosen old fat and grease in the wood surface. Avoid soaking the wood. Wipe it dry and then clean it with bleach solution and water along with a brush. By using wood filler, fill any nicks and cracks and then sand it with grit paper smoothly. Finish it by rubbing in linseed oil coating.


If the butcher block is severely damaged and stained, scrub it and allow it to dry for a day. Clean it with a tack cloth, spray and then wipe it with water solution. And then, reseal it with linseed oil to keep it sterilized.

An antique butcher block is perfect for your kitchen. It can also be functioned as a decorative table for more inviting kitchen space. Make sure to check the constructions and the wood quality before buying an antique butcher block craigslist.

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