Rodless curtains

Having the Simplest and Catchy Rodless Curtains

by March 8, 2019

Rodless curtains are the modern kind of curtain that has no rod. This style of curtain is really simple yet has a catchy look. Well, modern people nowadays use this kind of curtain because it is minimalist. Without rod, the curtain makes the room look spacey, clean, and light. Today, the conventional model of curtain is just looked so boring and too much. That’s why we need some changes at our house.

Actually, there are some household items that can be used to substitute the rod curtain. Just in case you do not have it any at house, you can find it at flea market with affordable price. So, let’s take a look what rodless curtain ideas that you can copy and try at home.

  1. Use any straight and durable items
    Do you have any straight, strong items that resemble a curtain rod? If you do, use old fishing poles, vintage rakes, bamboo, downhill skis, or hockey sticks for example. Those items should make you thinking about odd ways to use standard accessories curtain hanger.
  2. Look Artsy with Wire
    It would be perfect if you have unused wire at home. This item would be an answer for rodless curtains innovation. The only requirement is that you mount the eye hooks through wall. Do it at least an inch into the wall studs. It would hold the rod taut for window treatments, so it does not sag.
  3. Pipeline
    Lately, the house with industrial theme is happening. You can follow the up to date industrial style with pipeline to be the curtain rod. Your guest will be amazed with this modern industrial look that’s trending in these recent years.
  4. Knob drawer pulls
    Have you ever think about knob drawer pulls as your curtain hardware? Yes, this item is just another whimsical ways to get rid of rod curtain. Just attach the drawer pulls above the window, and then tie the curtains to knobs. Anyone would agree that it is a great idea for unique kitchen look.

There are still many items that would become a blown mind idea for hanging curtain. Just take a look around your house, and anything could be the accessories. Some other items are not mentioned above, including belt, clothespin, cup hooks, spoons, doorknobs, coat hooks, and many more. The more creative you are, the more artsy you get rodless curtains for the house.

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