Ceiling Fan Wobbles

Ceiling Fan Wobbles on High or Low Speed: What You Should Do to Balance the Fan

by March 8, 2019
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If you happen to experience ceiling fan wobbles, chances are that it has problem with balance. Leaving the fan in this condition may be dangerous because it potentially came off the ceiling. The only solution to this problem is balancing the fan and it will end up running smoothly right away. It is clear enough that wobbling ceiling fan is mainly caused by imbalance either in installation or blade position. There are several methods that you can do to make the fan runs smoothly once more.

Adjusting the balance of ceiling fan is not a difficult task to do by yourself. Even if you have never done this before, you can simply accomplish the project in no time. To balance the ceiling fan, follow the instructions below.

Prepare the tools and materials

To get rid of ceiling fan wobbles, prepare the tools and materials at first. You will need yardstick, cleaner, and balancing kit. After having the equipment ready, you may start the maintenance.

Check blades position

It is necessary to check out the position of ceiling fan blades. Make sure all the blades are straight and tightly screwed to the holder. Loose blade may also cause ceiling fan wobbles and makes noise. Do not forget to remove dust and debris buildup from the blades because it potentially causes problem. Try to run the ceiling fan. If the problem persists, the blade might need alignment. By using yardstick, measure the distance of any blade to the ceiling. Make sure the blades are on the same distance to the ceiling.

Use balancing clip

If you find that all the blades are on the same distance to the ceiling, there should be a problem on the blades itself. Whenever the fan remains wobbles, get a blade balancing clip and slide to one of blade that you suspect to cause the wobble. The clip will balance the blade and eliminate the wobble. This may take time because you have to check right after inserting the balancing clip to each blade. Note the blade that causes most differences with least wobble.

Set a weight

Whenever the ceiling fan remains wobbles after inserting balancing clip, the least method that you should try is setting a weight. Use adhesive-backed weight to make the fan runs smoothly. Too lightweight blade may also cause wobble, therefore you need to add more weight. This is commonly effective to fix ceiling fan wobbles.

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