CEG Lite Epoxy Grout

CEG Lite Epoxy Grout Haze Removal as Useful Product with Versatile Features and Benefits

by March 6, 2019

CEG Lite Epoxy Grout presents with stain and chemical resistance that offers fast cure time. Compared to the other epoxy grout products, the formula is so lightweight that it is easier to spread. Not to mention it is water-cleanable, giving you practicality in cleaning the grout. Epoxy grout from CEG Lite can be used either for vertical joints or as mortar. The formula consists of Part A which is the pigmented hardener and Part B which consists of light aggregates and resins.

The versatility of this product cannot be separated from the features. There are some key features offered by epoxy grout from CEG Lite that make it a leading product. The first and foremost, CEG Lite boasts color consistent that will give improvement to any place it is installed. Furthermore, this product is also chemical and stains resistance that makes it a durable as well as practical product to complete both interior and exterior.

In addition to key features of CEG Lite Epoxy Grout, it is easy to spread. When applying the grout, it will not form sagging especially in vertical joints. This is a practical feature that gives you quick and problem-free application. The last but not least, epoxy grout from CEG Lite is easy to clean. Cleaning project will not bring you trouble, thanks to the product which is formulated to allow you easy cleaning.

What is CEG Lite used for? This is a versatile epoxy grout that can be used for various purposes. CEG Lite Epoxy Grout installation ranges widely. You can use the product both as grout and as mortar. It can also be used with any tile, either semi vitreous, vitreous, ceramic, mosaic, cement, porcelain, brick, glass, natural stone, even green marble. Epoxy grout from CEG Lite is capable of filling joints with 1.6 to 13mm wide. What makes it better; the grout is applicable for wall and floor installations.

What are the benefits of epoxy grout from CEG Lite? Apart from the features and versatile uses, CEG Lite offers wide range of benefits. The first and foremost, this product consist of 2 parts which are made from 100 percent solid epoxy. Because of this, it will not shrink after application. In addition to the benefits, CEG Lite offers color consistent, allowing you to get the best appearance after application. The CEG Lite Epoxy Grout formula is also made to be stain resistant that you have nothing to worry about cleanliness.

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