Crochet Skull Blanket Pattern

Free Crochet Skull Blanket Pattern for Those Who Want to Make DIY Blanket

by March 4, 2019

Crochet skull blanket pattern is probably one of the most-sought crochet patterns out there. Skull is indeed a very interesting object. It is eerie but also very fun and cute sometimes. It will be very unique, though, to have a DIY blanket with lots of skull pattern on it. If you love crochet and plan to make a blanket out of it, you need to check these skull patterns. They will be so suitable for the blanket you plan to make.

Granny Skull Crochet Pattern

Granny skull crochet pattern is the easiest pattern to try when making blanket. Granny skull is basically just a big skull with large eyes and wide cheek. You do not need a lot of colors when trying to crochet a blanket with this pattern. It is dominated by white color so that you can just stick on a single color cotton yarn for quite a long time. This is why this pattern is just perfect for those who are just starting or learning crochet.

Granny Skull Crochet Pattern

Dias de Los Muertos Skull Pattern

Dias de Los Muertos or “The Day of the Dead” is one of the biggest annual celebrations in Mexico. It is the day where people pay tribute to their deceased relatives and friends. That day is basically filled by skull-themed everything. Dias de Los Muertos skull is very colorful and unique. It has small details and precisely crafted to make them look very appealing. The crochet skull blanket pattern of this Dias de Los Muertos skull is harder to follow than the Granny one. It is probably more suitable for those who have lots of experience in crochet before.

Dias de Los Muertos Skull Pattern

Punk Skeleton Skull Pattern

Punk skeleton skull pattern is basically just a small skull with two crossed bones underneath it. It is very popular from time to time. They are found in much stuff, including on bags, shirts, and hats. This pattern is easy to make and can be done in small scale, hence perfect to make crochet skull baby blanket pattern as well.

Punk Skeleton Skull Pattern

Those are several crochet pattern ideas when it comes to skull design. Those skull patterns can be applied easily on every blanket you make or in every other crochet craft, such as shoes, bags, or hats. All you need to do now is following the pattern and create a beautiful, warm blanket out of crochet that has stunning-looking skull all over it. It is not going to be difficult at all as long as you stick to the crochet skull blanket pattern you have chosen.


Teresa Robare

I am interested in the skull blankets that looks like it is on fire. I do not have my own computer or printer where I stay and have to use the one at the library. I am unable to download this and would like to know if I am able to get the pattern somehow sent to my email address. If I need to pay for the pattern I will pay for it. Please just let me know. Thank you so much for your help.


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