5x7 rug under queen bed

The 5×7 Rug under Queen Bed for Your Bedroom Decoration

by March 2, 2019

Having a hard time to choose what 5×7 rug under queen bed to use in bedroom? Well, rugs can be a difficult thing to choose for your room. The style, cost, and the fabric is an important factor to check. If your bedroom looks too barren, adding a rug would increase the aesthetic value and also adding comfort. It’s a perfect purchase for any home. Let’s check the important things to consider before buying rugs.


Well, bedroom is your comfort zone and the rug’s fabric plays a lot in comfort. However, fabric dictates the pricing. Materials like faux, wool, or sheepskin usually cost a lot, but it comes with a more comfortable feel, and the aesthetic is perfect for luxury bedroom. For more budget choices, cotton, microfiber or polyester is also just as good with the style, although they don’t look as fancy as the more pricey choices.


How the rugs are made can dictate the price and quality. Even with the most luxurious fabric, if the manufacturer isn’t skilled, it can rip you off from your hard earned money. That’s why you need to look at the rug yourself so you can feel it. If you want to buy it online, make sure the seller is clear about the material and how it’s made. You can always buy a machine-made rug, which is cheaper than hand-made ones. Moreover, the quality is more consistent.


For a 5×7 rug under queen bed, you usually position it in about 1/3 of bed area; from the leg side of bed. You position it like this, so when you step down from bed, your feet would touch the rug, not the cold floor. Putting the rug in any other position would mess with aesthetic of the room.


This is very opinion based. Generally, a 5×7 bedroom rug has a rectangular shape. However, many also have oval, diamond, even animal shaped. Because of small size, a rectangular shape is more recommended. Other shapes just don’t extend that much towards the bed’s sides because of the size. For larger ones, there are more choices than just a rectangle.

Buying rug is a complicated matter, and you will be going around stores to pick the right one. That’s okay since once you got the right item, it will make your room look brilliant. A 5×7 rug under queen bed will make a perfect pair for any small bedroom.

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