36 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Stand

36 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Stand Plans as New Way to Enjoy Fish and Sea Creature

by February 25, 2019

You can enjoy fish in attractive way with 36 gallon bow front aquarium stand. What is it? Well, aquarium stand is furniture for the room to increase the artistic aspect. For example, you can use wooden frame with ornament that holds the aquarium. Bow front stand means it has curve surface to resemble TV. Instead of television, you can enjoy aquarium with bow cover. More about this topic will be explored in the following sections.



Design is the key because it is called as 36 gallon bow front aquarium stand for one reason. It has bowing frame to trap the aquarium, including the adjustment at top for protection and backside to support. Due to bow curve, you might experience gap between aquarium front and bow itself. It happens when you use flat box tank that does not completely fit the stand design. In order to accommodate this issue, the stand usually has glass cover to create curve projection. This is solution to enjoy aquarium at home.


Feature and installation

In general, the product may has additional part besides bow stand frame. As you know, the frame itself is only to keep the aquarium. However, you still need table or any place to put the tank in order to see it clearly. That’s why some stands have extended section at below which might be cabinet, section table, or storage. Cabinet is good choice because stand has more features than regular function. You can keep anything related to aquarium, such fish food at storage. Another reason is that aquarium needs additional support like water filter, electrical cord, and others. Instead of exposing them, you can disguise those supports inside cabinet or storage. Therefore, you only need to clean aquarium stand and no tool attached. For your information, it is also called corner bow front aquarium stand.


Support and maintenance

Stand is not something to remove easily. It keeps aquarium as tight as possible due to safety purpose. You just need to check support level to ensure the capability to hold for the next utilization. If you see some cracks and broken parts, remove aquarium immediately because it cannot hold anymore. With bow front, the balance is crucial. Good thing is easy to repair. This product is no complex set that requires expert.

Where do you put aquarium and its stand? Living room is the best choice to let everyone enjoys seeing beautiful fish and water creatures to move around. With 36 gallon as capacity, you can put many things as decoration. 36 gallon bow front aquarium stand looks like big TV with the real fish inside it.

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