10x20 canopy tent assembly instructions

10×20 Canopy Tent Assembly Instructions and How to Do Properly

by February 23, 2019

You need to read 10×20 canopy tent assembly instructions before the installation. Canopy tent has practical utilization for any purpose. People can have this one installed in outdoor area or backyard. Usually, the tent is for event where you put the table, chair, bench, even food stall. With canopy, the area is protected from sunlight, wind, and dirt. One issue is installation that’s usually a little bit awkward because you may never do it before. The steps to install is in the manual book and commonly similar in the basic way.


Preparation and checking parts

First step regarding canopy factory 10×20 instructions is preparation, including checking parts. This is the most crucial thing because you do not want canopy to be disturbed in unnecessary thing. It depends on manufacturer you choose because the parts might be different. In that case, you need to check every part that belongs to canopy tent. Manual book will show how many parts in single package. Another important thing is the type of part itself. Recognize them one by one then separate with proper arrangement. It helps to define and check which is already available and what you should do when something is missing.


Frame and stands

10×20 canopy tent assembly instructions start with frame.  The basic canopy construction has four main stands at each corner. You can put those frames in certain distance. Usually, each has connector to ensure that every part is reachable. The next step is to strengthen this frame carefully. After that, you can check again to give a little bit force to one stand. Check whether they are in balance or not. Before adding frame, the location is also critical to measure. Tent on soil requires additional protection to keep it straight. On the other side, you just keep the balance when installing frame in patio or solid ground.


Roof tarp and cover

When the frame is already in balance mode, roof parts will spread automatically. This is for canopy tent that the roof is automatically attached to stand. Keep in mind the tarp and cover is not installed. You only install roof connectors. In partial tent, the roof is in separated mode where you need additional support to reach the top frame. Regardless roof composition, you should check the way the roof is attached to frame.

The frame is done, and roof is already at the top. Your canopy tent is done, but one last step is necessary to perform. Check again in every side to find the thing that’s not properly attached. One mistake will ruin the entire tent. Well, those are what you should know about 10×20 canopy tent assembly instructions.

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