Crochet continuous granny square blanket

Crochet Continuous Granny Square Blanket: Learn the Step by Step to Make One

by February 11, 2019

Crochet continuous granny square blanket is beautiful. Although it seems old, this is a very classic one. Therefore, many people still love to crochet this one. There are even stores that provide the blanket. It can be an alternative if you want to have a crochet blanket but you cannot crochet at all. Looking up online, various patterns are offered in beautiful colors that you cannot resist buying nothing. Although there are people who sell it, you can crochet the blanket on your own.

Are you a beginner in this field? Here will be given ways on how to crochet a square blanket step by step. Let’s get started right away. Making a granny square crochet is not that difficult. You will master it as soon as you know how. First thing first, it is necessary to understand this crochet. Many people think that any crocheted square is granny square. In fact, they are not same. Now, you better learn making the basic one.

In this tutorial, you will need double crochet stitches, crochet hook, and yarn. It can be started by making a slip knot on the hook. Then, you should make chain 3. For your information, different people may use different start, it is okay though. Next, you will make first double crochet cluster. A crochet continuous granny square blanket needs groups of stitches. This is when you have to make clusters. Later, crochet two should be added. It is placed into the base chain.

What you have to do in the next step is to crochet the second DC cluster. As read, there should be another cluster. It is the cluster that is made from three double stitches. From this step, you will almost create a square shape. As the finishing of round one to make a square, it should be finished by repeating the previous times for twice. It is quite easy, right? So far, there should be four clusters in total. In order to make the square shape, close the round by slipping the stitch into the very first top of the first chain 3.

After finishing making first group, you can continue to make another group to create a larger crochet granny square. As known, blanket is in a large size. Therefore, there will be many rounds of clusters in order to make a blanket. Once the basic is learned well, you will be able to master in making another crochet continuous granny square blanket.

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