Babocush pillow

Get to Know the Benefits before Purchasing Babocush Pillow

by February 8, 2019

Babocush pillow grabs a lot of attention in recent years. When it was first released, the video promotion grabbed many viewers. Besides, it also grabbed experts’ attention. Let’s get to know this product closer before discussing any further. This pillow is equipped with technology that will help parents to take care of their babies. There are several benefits as claimed by the manufacturer. What are they? Let’s check them out below.

First of all, the pillow can reduce babies’ crying from colic. Since it is made with technology that will work like human do, it is believed to be able preventing the babies from colic. It is such a colic pillow mothercare. Additionally, there is heartbeat sound and gentle vibration. Second benefit of it is its ability to relieve wind. Sometimes, babies get gas or wind pains. Gladly, it can relieve it by popping your baby on the pillow immediately after given a feed.

Thirdly, babocush pillow can be used in a car seat, bouncer, or rocker. It will help the baby to get relaxed, especially in term of the airways. It can hold your baby in a natural position. Next is to reduce babies’ crying from reflux. Besides colic, it is common to see babies having reflux. However, acid reflux can be prevented by adjusting the incline. What comes next is to reduce startle reflex. As you might know, the babies will be laid down on the pillow. Hence, the contact with the pillow will reduce the startle reflex.

Last but not least, this pillow can reduce flat head syndrome. The skulls of newborn babies are very soft. When tummy time is not enough provided, there will be flattening of the head. Therefore, this product is recommended to provide tummy time for babies. What have mentioned before are all benefits that come from the product. When you are purchasing the item, it will come with outer fleece cover, quilted mattress protector, shaped foam mattress, and vibration with heartbeat sounds. Yet, you must purchase batteries and rocker separately.

Although this product gains a lot of users who are happy with it, experts have different point of view. The product is incredible indeed. As a smart pillow, parents are still responsible to sleep their babies instead of leaving them on a pillow. If you are planning to buy, try to read about safe sleeping guidelines for babies. Finally, the use of babocush pillow should be fully supervised by parents.

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