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How to Use Coloring Epoxy Woodworking

by February 7, 2019

Have you ever find a wood product which can glow in the dark or other stunning tops? The good news is that you can create a masterpiece of your available wood products like table by using coloring epoxy woodworking. This kind of epoxy is made for woodworking like table, bench, chair and many others.

In fact, there are many epoxy brands available in the marketplace you can choose from. You can pick any brand you want to apply colored coating to your woodworking. It’d be best to choose a drying plain epoxy since its resin tint is fairly better. Since epoxy will leave a yellowish tint, colors and set should be shifted in color shade particularly if they are blended with the epoxy.

In fact, you are free to add various kinds of materials in order to add color to the epoxy. These materials, furthermore, have their own limitations and advantages that need to be considered.

  • Resin tint: Resin tint is a colorant of the resin which is mixed without a glitch. It is considered compatible with nearly all resins as well. The mechanism is similar with food-coloring.
  • Crylic: To coloring epoxy woodworking, you can use an acrylic ink or acrylic paint. Since acrylic offer various color hues, it isn’t a good option if you want to conserve the epoxy’s glossiness. Acrylic will remove some of the resin’s shine.
  • Alcohol ink: Alcohol ink proffers rich color saturation and is suitable for most applications of epoxy resin. This colorant is considered as a solvent when mix well with the resin it can create a unique pattern.

So, how to use coloring epoxy woodworking then? The process of coloring epoxy is somewhat similar with curative standard epoxy. The hardener and epoxy are mixed based on the instruction of the product. When you have finished in mixing, now it’s time to coloring. Make sure to add colorant not more than six percent from the mixture weight.

When it comes to decorate your woodworking, all you have to do is being as creative as you can. Before applying the initial sheet of coloring epoxy woodworking, you can add some small items like photographs, stones, accessories and others. This will make your woodworking look more stunning. Using a coloring epoxy is fairly attractive and interesting for woodworking especially those who loves DIY projects. Besides, the application of coloring epoxy woodworking is quite easy and also simple.

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