Screwless Curtain Rod

Screwless Curtain Rod: Be Creative to Hang Your Curtains

by February 1, 2019

People who are currently renting an apartment or a house, getting screwless curtain rod to hang the curtains is necessary. It is because it can keep the place clean with not screw. Additionally, using other hardware can reduce the use of any screw. In fact, there are several goods you can use to hang the curtains in your household. What are those? Here is the information.

As mentioned before, being creative by using other things as curtain rod can be done easily. Let’s search what hardware in your house that can be used.

1.Brass or glass door knobs

If there are no brass or glass door knobs that are not used, just simply search it on thrift stores or antique shops. It can be attached above the window and then the curtains can be tied to the knobs with a help of fabric ties. This one is also great to hang a coat rack.

2. Coat hooks
Coat hooks can be used as one of alternative ways to hang curtains. Again, it should be attached above the window. Then, fabric ties or curtain rings can be placed over the hooks. To make it look good, silk flowers or bows can be added as decorative touches.

3. Cup hooks

The next one is cup hooks. This one is very simple, inexpensive and it can look great. Not much different from two other ways before, prepare fabric ties or curtain rings. Attach them to the curtain and then slip them over the attached cup hooks.

4. Spoons

Spoons can be a screwless curtain rod. Try to look for unique spoons that can make stunning curtain hardware. Bend the spoons into S-hook shape and install them as your unique curtain rod.

5. Clothespins

Lightweight curtains can be installed to your window using clothespins. If you want to get antique, old fashioned ones can be chosen. You can paint it or leave it with its wood natural color.

6. Belts

Well, this one can be found easily. It is very suitable for western themed room. Prepare a belt and cut them into two pieces for the same length. Loop those two pieces of the belt over a curtain rod and through the curtain tabs.

Those are 6 unique ways to make screwless curtain rod comes true with simple hardware around you. What have been mentioned above is quite easy, right? Steal the ideas right now to get a stunning curtain rod.

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