Arctic Fox RV Floor Plans with Complete Furnish and Appliances

Arctic Fox RV Floor Plans with Complete Furnish and Appliances

by January 29, 2019

Arctic fox RV floor plans provide travel trailer with home decoration. Using trailer as traveling vehicle is not new thing. You will find tourism area where trailer is parked in specific area. This trailer is attached at back of vehicle to move around easily. To support the journey, you need comfortable decoration, including floor plan. For such purpose, you can rely on artic fox design.

One trailer will have necessary and auxiliary features. There are kitchens, bathroom, master bedroom, and lounge. The entry is at back, but another option has dual entry next to the bedroom. You just enter using rear door and will find sofa, overhead cabinet, and two end tables. Sofa is located at the furthest side of trailer. Two end tables give additional seating area for dining. Overhead cabinet is at rear wall attached at top section. You need to be careful when opening this cabinet. Moreover, you will see hall area with booth dinette, pantry, and additional storage. Kitchen is located at opposite side alongside l-shaped counters. There are also kitchen sink, burner range, overhead cabinet, and refrigerator.

Arctic fox RV floor plans uses split walk design to access bathroom. You also find shower, medicine cabinet, and vanity sink. Next to the toilet, small cabinet is attached as storage for bathroom utensils. Outside the bathroom, there is wardrobe to keep the clothes and other accessories. Master bedroom uses queen size bed including nightstand. In dual entry, you also find door as similar to the rear one, but only for private usage.

What is material in the arctic fox RV fifth wheels? Manufacturer uses aluminum construction with thick wall and fully welded. It is for the frame and main construction, including separator between one areas to others. The wall uses foam insulation to keep the noise inside as low as possible. The trailer adds stabilizer jacks, adjusting brakes, arched ceiling, and flush system as well.

To bring entertainment into travel trailer, there are several electronic appliances, multimedia devices, and sound system. You get DVD player, LED television, Bluetooth, electric charger, and internal speaker. All systems can be controlled in specific spot called control room. You just manage to handle LED lighting intensity for interior and interior. Moreover, the trailer also has digital thermostat, smoke detector, and heater. Thermostat shows temperature inside the room, while heater helps to manage whatever level you want. During winter and cold season, the trailer is still capable to provide temperature at balance. Those are the benefits from arctic fox RV floor plans.

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