Unfinished Butcher Block Slabs

Some Points to Know about the Unfinished Butcher Block Slabs

by January 28, 2019
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When you want to decorate kitchen, unfinished butcher block slabs can be good parts to consider. The butcher block is going to add natural vibes on kitchen because of the wood color and texture from butcher block. Butcher block is made from cut of wood, and it is added and glued on the certain surface of kitchen part to be a workspace. This is not just part of accessories or decoration since it can give great mood in kitchen.

In case of unfinished butcher block slabs countertop, you will find a lot of designs. Therefore, you may need some important clues and information to decide the proper choice when you are going to buy the butcher block countertop. These are some points that can be helpful for you.

1. Material

In term of material used to make unfinished butcher block slabs, most of woods can be made into good butcher block countertops. However, there are some famous woods to use. There is maple for you who are looking for hard and durable countertop. Then, there are read oak and cherry that gives good color tone. Even, bamboo can be made into the butcher block with some methods, and it is going to be end-grain type of butcher block.

2. Protective layer

Some people may worry about the wood and its surface. That’s why they seal the wood. However, it is bad idea since it is like sealing the beauty of wood inside the seals of plastic. In other words, you hide the natural beauty. If you are afraid of the damage on surface, just use oil-finished layer. If you still want to have the unfinished butcher block, try to find transparent coating or protective layer to keep the color and texture.

3. Maintenance

As other wooden furniture and wares in the house, you will need to give proper maintenance for butcher block countertop. However, it will not be too difficult. At least, you only need to clean the surface regularly. Then, oiling can be given to the surface twice a year, so it takes 6 month for oiling treatment. However, it is also fine to give more often oiling in case the wooden surface can easily be damaged or cracked.    

Those are some important points about butcher block countertops. It is just like choosing part of furniture. You only need to find the suitable color, texture, and size. In case of treatment, just remember the date, and you may ask people to help you in oiling the countertop. That’s all the basic information to know about unfinished butcher block slabs.

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