Ryobi door latch installation kit

Ryobi Door Latch Installation Kit for Proper Latching Installation Process

by January 25, 2019

Ryobi door latch installation kit becomes practical tool for installing latch on your door. In general, the product consists of part where you can put on door to drill and make hole for latch from each sides of door. Kit also has drilling head to adjust with what door you want to install, either round or square. Several reasons why it is suitable kit for homeowner, professional engineer, and builder are listed below.

1.One kit for entire job

Installing door latch is not easy task for common people with no skill in carpentry, engineering, and builder technique. One issue is the tool because you need drill, hammer, screwdriver, etc. Those are not enough due to small tools that might be needed. Another problem is the precision to mark the latch position. After you put mark on the door, the hole is needed to add latch. During drilling, there is probability not to be in proper position. It might be wider, smaller, and not in exact mark. In order to overcome that problem, you need more than separate tools with various functions. This is where Ryobi door latch installation kit comes into the right place. The product is one kit for entire job in latching door.

2. Easy to use and bring anywhere

Next benefit is easy to use. It consists of several parts to make sure you install the proper door latch. There is kit for creating hole in door. Just make sure everything is in exact location. Moreover, it is for square and round latching which can be adjusted based on your preference. The next good thing is that it’s easy to bring anywhere. Installation kit is quite small and compact to put inside the bag. For your information, another name for this product is Ryobi door hinge installation kit.

Using this kit is simple and easy. Firstly, you need to clean the door then hammer for additional tool. Attach 90 fences to guard area where you want to score. Furthermore, tap the strike, and score is created. After that, put chisel tool then gently remove wood with hammer. Keep chisel and use drill bits to put screw on latch. Place notch and twist away slowly. Now, your door latch is done and ready.

From explanation above, you understand why this installation kit is useful and reliable. Manufacturer makes sure that buyers have clear instruction to follow it step by step. Moreover, the product is available at nearby store or in online marketplace. That’s what you need to know about Ryobi door latch installation kit.

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