Cherokee Nation Housing Floor Plans for Tribe Members

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Cherokee Nation Housing Floor Plans for Tribe Members

There are variations of Cherokee Nation housing floor plans depending on number of bedroom available within it, or in other words, number of people who are going to live in the house. This housing type is very special. You have to be a member of federally acknowledged Cherokee tribe. In order to be considered a legal citizen of this tribe, you should have direct ancestral lineage with someone’s listed on Dawes Rolls. Citizen might be native Indian or Cherokee Freedman. It aims to create a big community to preserve Cherokee cultures and provide convenient life for its citizens. Housing is one of the programs the nation comes up with.

To get Cherokee Nation home loans, you should fulfill certain qualifications. Head of the household should be a citizen of this tribe. Family members should not have criminal record. The amount of monthly payment for a house will be fixed. Even if the family income fluctuates, it will not change. Because of that, family should be able to maintain steady payments for a period amount of time. This housing system is developed to accommodate those who do not own their own home. Even if they own a residence, it should be in sub-par condition.

Cherokee Nation Housing Floor Plans for Tribe Members

Cherokee Nation housing floor plans with three bedrooms can accommodate four to five people. The overall size is about 1,200 square feet. There is one master bedroom with half bathroom being attached to it. You will find two additional smaller bedrooms too. A full bathroom is located beside the master bedroom for easy access. A sizable kitchen is the next important room in this floor plan. You will find a dining space right beside the kitchen. There is also a moderate size living room beside one of the smaller bedrooms. This plan also includes a garage.

The total size of housing designed with four bedrooms is a little bit larger than the previous plan or more than 1,200 square feet. There is a main bedroom with half en suite for parents. There are three other bedrooms in the house. One of these bedrooms is very spacious, even larger than the main bedroom. The fully functional bathroom is located near the main bedroom. There is also a good size kitchen with dining space adjacent to it. The living room is located near the house’s entrance. Knowing some Cherokee Nation housing floor plans will help you decide which program that you should join in.

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