Two Great Deals Offered by Zenfield Coffee Table

Two Great Deals Offered by Zenfield Coffee Table

by January 5, 2019

Zenfield coffee table is a vintage casual designed coffee table with medium brown color. It is made of solid wood and veneers. The shape of this table is rectangle and decorated with metal accents. The table has 110.2 pounds of weight, 28 inches of height, 19 inches of width, and the 52 inches of length. The furniture is equipped with four drawers as well. Yes, you can say it is a simple yet charming table. From this article, you might consider this item to be included in your home.

Two Great Deals Offered by Zenfield Coffee Table 1

The coffee table from Zenfield has a vintage and earthy design. This Zenfield table is also decorated with wood strokes that can give a one-of-a-kind feeling to your beloved room.  Zenfield dining table is the perfect companion for your coffee table. You will get a matched dining and coffee table, alongside with the deep brown color to give a classic vibe. The metal knobs that attached on the shelves really accentuate the table’s appearance. Moreover, the combination of its color and the earthy design brings the warmth that can fulfill your home interior.


In addition, this Zenfield coffee table is such strong and sturdy furniture. These two traits increase its durability. In picking the right coffee table, the lifetime usage is the reason why the durability is one of many aspects that must be considered. Make sure that your coffee table is made of the great quality material to ensure its durability. Besides the duration aspect, you should consider the beverages that you might put and the activities you do on the coffee table. For your information, a coffee table from Zenfield is crafted of the wood with the finest quality. You can just hold your cellphone, laptop, and your favorite juice without any worry. Your table will not be easily destroyed.

Two Great Deals Offered by Zenfield Coffee Table 2


In fact, a coffee table should have two criteria. First is the design and the second is the durability. These two aspects are important because they will determine the whole home interior and you might use this table in a long term. A coffee table from Zenfield is able to fulfill those two criteria. Firstly, it comes with a vintage and earthy design that blends really well with many kinds of home interiors. It also gives a warm vibe to your place of living. Not to mention, the Zenfield coffee table is durable enough for a long term usage.

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