The Quirkiness of Jason Voorhees Coffee Table 4

The Quirkiness of Jason Voorhees Coffee Table

by January 4, 2019

A one-of-a-kind home interior can be achieved by adding Jason Voorhees coffee table to your home. It is made of wood that is varnished. This coffee table has a glass table top. It has the height of 410 mm, the width of 600 mm, and the length of 900 mm. Like other coffee tables out there, it comes with a rectangular shape. When usually the table top looks plain, this time, you will see the Jason Voorhees’ corpse inside the table top. You should not be frightened because the corpse is made of resin, latex, crape, plastic, and chain. Well, it is wonderfully crafted by Slaughter FX, an Australian movie props company.  The Quirkiness of Jason Voorhees Coffee Table 3

In fact, as the Friday the 13th lovers, you might need something to show your fondness towards this movie. This Friday the 13th furniture is something that you can include in your Friday the 13th collection. Adding this coffee table will satisfy your collector soul. First, you can show to everyone that you are the number one Friday the 13th lover. Second, you are able to enjoy your favorite macchiato with a slightly different nuance.

The Quirkiness of Jason Voorhees Coffee Table 1

You should notice that Jason Voorhees coffee table can give a significant effect to your home. It will turn your home into a unique and quirky mansion. However, this element might not be everyone’s cup of coffee because of the existence of Jason Voorhees inside the table top. This one-of-a-kind table is suitable for you who always oppose the mainstream trend. It also gives a mysterious yet cool vibe in your room. Surely, it will give a whole new experience in enjoying your favorite beverage and blockbuster.

The Quirkiness of Jason Voorhees Coffee Table 2

In addition, Friday the 13th lovers out there might need something to emphasize their love for this movie. There are many things that can be collected, such as stickers, t-shirt, DVD, and many more. Well, Friday the 13th furniture can be a great step in adding your collection. Furniture with this theme is able to give a whole new experience in living. By including this 13th-themed furniture, your house will get a mysterious yet cool vibe. This coffee table suits the one-of-a-kind taste in home interior. However, the furniture might be disliked by some people because of the design peculiarity. In the end, the peculiarity should not be avoided by many people. The mysterious yet cool interior can be achieved by using Jason Voorhees coffee table.

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