Gavelston Coffee Table, a Roomy and Rustic Furniture for Anti-Scratch Look

Gavelston Coffee Table, a Roomy and Rustic Furniture for Anti-Scratch Look

by January 2, 2019

For you who look for simple furniture with spacious size and a touch of rugged-look, Gavelston Coffee Table could be your alternative of choice. The overall shape, texture, and appearance will give an earthy vibes, contrasting to the usual luxurious and overrated looks from the common furniture you see at market.

Gavelston Coffee Table is made of the combination of veneers and manmade wood. It is a hand-finished product with a craftsmanship touch which makes the table more unique and stands out. This furniture is not easily scratched like the other furniture, and even if it does, this unique piece has another added value. The worn-out will cover the overall appearance of the coffee table as it is functioned as scratch-resistant protector. You don’t have to worry that your kids’ little games or your pets’ scratches will destroy this antique stuff. The scar will be seen as its’ original texture and this coffee table will still look as good as the first time.

This product has 18.25 inches height, 48.00 inches width, and 26.00 inches depth. With the broadness, it has more than spaces to do anything, placing or staking everything. The multifunctional feature is supported by the extensive upper shelf and capacious lower shelf. The lower shelf is a perfect place to put your small basket, magazines, books, even if it fits well as your cat’s bed. Weighing 32.21 kgs, this coffee table is a solid, sturdy piece to do your work. The easy assembling process makes a good advantage too.

If you are pretty interested in this product, you might as well want to have another Ashley signature product—Ashley Gavelston TV Stand. Ashley always wants to give a special identity to its product. This TV stand is not like others as it gives you a warm sensation with fire-like technology. This fireplace can be inserted optionally. You can choose to operate it with or without flame. It has much storage to put your favorite gadgets, sound bars, consoles, and other stuffs. This TV stand has 36.25 inches height, 18 inches depth, and 60.13 widths that will be a fit match to your black, solid, coffee table.

Both the TV stand and coffee table are casual pieces that will easily blend with other furniture while still giving a vintage, impressive look for your room. Gavelston Coffee Table is definitely worth the price and will spark your house, straight ahead.

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