Great Vibes and Other Interesting Things from Mestler Coffee Table

Great Vibes and Other Interesting Things from Mestler Coffee Table

by December 31, 2018

When you are looking for new table, Mestler coffee table can be good option to choose. There is no worry that this furniture can be great addition to make your house look better and comfortable. Living room or family room can be suitable place. Of course, this can blend perfectly to your room decoration. The wooden characteristic and a simple yet rustic design will never become bad thing in your house. Even, it is very possible to have better mood and comfort.

It is true that Mestler coffee table by Ashley furniture is special option for you. Rustic design is the first thing to see. Its finishing and rectangular shape fits into any kinds of design planned for the rooms. Whether it is going to be rustic, vintage or even modern decoration, this furniture can blend well. About color and finishing, subtle and natural color is offered to show wooden characteristic. There are also combinations of wood, engineered wood, and veneer. Besides giving natural touches, the materials also offer good durability. Related to it, simple coating and hand-finishing are applied in order to keep the wooden texture.

For its dimension, Mestler coffee table does not take too much space. The size is about 42 inches wide and 28.25 inches deep. Then, the height is only around 18 inches, so this is very suitable to place in the midst of sofas or chairs in living room or family room. Moreover, there is additional space offered by shelf on the bottom. Slat-style shelf is added, so you can easily put books, magazines and other things on the shelf. There is interesting thing about this part since the slats are made in different tones and color. Therefore, it becomes interesting part of this furniture. Of course, the existence of shelf becomes good solution to optimize available space. It can also become good option for minimalist room.

There will be no regret for choosing this table. Although you still need to assemble this table, there will be no big problems. You can do this easily since there is clear instruction and guideline included in order to assemble the furniture. Moreover, special skills are not required in this process. As long as you have the required tools, things are easy to do. Of course, it will not take too much time until you find that design and features offered by this Mestler coffee table make your room more comfortable.

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