The Innovative and Stylish Liftable Coffee Table

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The Innovative and Stylish Liftable Coffee Table 2

Liftable coffee table is commonly known as lift top table because it has moving tabletop with the height adjustment. The design is varied, from simple to complex mechanism, including the feature attached on the table. In general, this table provides space for storage, usually directly under tabletop. When lifting table’s surface, you can pull upward to make a higher position.

The Innovative and Stylish Liftable Coffee Table 5

Standard design for lift top table is rectangle with hinges attached at each corner. When the table is in normal mode, it looks similar to regular coffee table. You see the tabletop and legs alongside storage that’s usually closed. This storage is useful section to get rid of your stuffs, such as magazine or anything. To lift tabletop, pull it upward slowly in each hinge that has additional legs to keep the table at new position. Moreover, rectangle and square shapes give an easy access to do this process. You just hold in each corner properly.

The Innovative and Stylish Liftable Coffee Table 3

Liftable coffee table also has design where you only lift the partial section on tabletop. The coffee table has lower height as it needs to adjust with seating furniture. It is difficult if you want to do other activities, such as working with laptop or using the table for writing. In order to balance height level, the hinge is attached but not for the entire surface. Only half of tabletop is capable to pull upward in order to provide enough space for working with laptop. In the same case, designer gives bold separated frame for single table. The tabletop uses two colors side by side; one will be the lift top mode. For square model, the surface might have four different colors that each can be lifted separately.

The Innovative and Stylish Liftable Coffee Table 4


Another shape is oval lift top coffee table. It is similar to rectangle table with lifting mechanism. This design is good option for minimalist style in living room. You just pull this surface slowly until reaching certain height. However, the storage is small with less space. Besides oval, round table is alternative for lift top design. Designer expands this style with additional seats. The table looks like round model with one leg then the seats are attached at below side. During normal position, you only see full table with no leg space. When you need more space, separate the tabletop and pull each seat out. So, you will get liftable coffee table that’s capable to serve more people.

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