Rissna Coffee Table with Glossy Surface and Marvelous Design

Rissna Coffee Table with Glossy Surface and Marvelous Design

by December 27, 2018

Rissna coffee table is more than regular furniture for living room. The basic design consists of glossy tabletop and solid wooden legs connected each other. The tabletop looks like one piece of wood layer with more space below let your legs and foots move freely. The color is white for the top and dark brown for the legs. This table uses strong material with high durability. More about the designs and material will be explored in next sections.

This kind of coffee table has unique design. You will find tabletop with various shapes. The round design uses thin layer and surface. You can arrange the trays, cup, glass, small dish, or anything at its surface. The diameter is 90 cm with 40 cm height. It is quite compact for living room based on the size. With that diameter, you do not have to worry about inefficiency space in living room. Moreover, the table is lightweight that’s easy to put and move. You just adjust it with couch, sofas, stool, or chair. Besides living room, the round table is also good for area to relax.

Rissna Coffee Table with Glossy Surface and Marvelous Design

The next design for Rissna coffee table is rectangle tabletop with additional layer. The design looks straightforward because you only see the two thin layers, tabletop and additional shelf. As usual, designer puts subtle white accent with glossy appearance. It brings vibrant and elegant look for this furniture. The table legs use wood that’s connected each other. You will see horizontal wood, starting from one tip leg to other. The size is suitable for living room where you can put anything at the top. After you are done in serving tea, put everything at below shelf for momentary before cleaning the entire area.

Rissna nesting table is another variant with unique design. At first glance, it is shorter version of rectangle model. Instead of attached layer as below shelf, you will see the second table directly under the first one. The size is smaller to fit in without burdening the main table. To utilize it, you just pull out and let the second one next to each other. Nesting style provides additional space, while keeping the efficiency as top usage.

Coffee table is more than furniture that you only use for serving tea, snack, and coffee. Designers want to blend the functionality and artistic side. As the result, you get Rissna coffee table with glossy surface and beautiful design.

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