The Best Merihill Coffee Table Collections by Ashley Merihill

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The Best Merihill Coffee Table Collections by Ashley Merihill

Merihill coffee table is one of the mandatory pieces of furniture that you must have to elevate the beauty of your living room. The Merihill furniture collection is well known around the world for its amazing design and excellent quality. Designed personally by world-famous furniture designer Ashley Merihill, the brand has been known globally as the finest furniture collection. As recommendations, if you plan to buy a coffee table of this brand, here are best three that you can choose.

Merihill Brown Cocktail Table with Ottoman

Well, when looking for Merihill cocktail table with ottoman, this product is another perfect choice. This is a great-looking cocktail table completed by ottoman. The table is beautifully designed with dark brown finish and elegant style. The ottoman is made of high-quality material and covered by leather in the same shade as the table. Even though it is styled as cocktail table, the size is not too big, making it perfect as coffee table that you can use in living room. It can be used to display decorative elements or to place small lamps on it.


Merihill Brookfield Round End Table

In fact, buying Merihill coffee table means you can get lots of options. This particular round end table styled as Brookfield is one of the best collections of Merihill. It has elegant and rustic style combined together. The high-quality wood used as the main material of the table is finished in deep dark brown color. Moreover, the table is just perfect for a high-end living room with sophistications here and there.


Merihill Breegin Chair Side End Table

If you look for coffee table or end table with marble-like top, this product is the right answer. The Breegin table has beautiful marble-like top which is actually as strong as an actual marble. The finish is multiple, thus enhancing its beauty and strength. This table is perfect for your living room, whether the theme is contemporary or rustic. The table is also great to be paired with a set of sophisticated seating, like upholstered sofa or cushions.

Those coffee tables above are just great for your living room as well as for other rooms. They are elegant, beautifully designed, and full of great values. If you want to make your living room elegant and beautiful, there is no better way than filling it with Merihill furniture collections, including using Merihill coffee table.

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