The Easiest 2×4 Coffee Table Plans to Execute at Home

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The Easiest 2x4 Coffee Table Plans to Execute at Home

2×4 coffee table plans are needed when you want to make DIY coffee table. Building a coffee table from scratch is something fun yet challenging to do. If you can do it successfully, you will have a piece of gorgeous furniture in the living room. To build the table properly, you need a sort of blueprint or plans for the project. If the table size is 2×4, here are the easiest plans you can try.


1. Rustic X Coffee Table

Rustic X Coffee Table

One of the easiest projects of DIY coffee table is this rustic X table. Building the table requires only a few materials and tools. You do not need metal or other materials to build the legs of the table. All you need to provide is good-quality wood to put together into a coffee table. This particular style of table is very sturdy and durable because it has a wooden X installed between its legs. It strengthens the legs of the table, making the table more functional.


2. Factory Cart Coffee Table

Factory Cart Coffee Table

If you want a coffee table with rustic style, what can be better than a factory cart coffee table? This table has an industrial style with wheels on it. The table can be made with ease by following 2×4 coffee table plans available here. The wheels on the table enable it to be moved around. You can use it inside the living room or push it outside when you need it. The table is made entirely from wood, apart from the wheels, making it looks really rustic and unique.


3. Coffee Table with Display

Coffee Table with Display

Building fancy coffee table is possible if you have lots of spare times. If you really do, try to build this coffee table with display. This table takes more time to build but the final result is stunning. It has beautiful glass display to show off any decorations that you want. You can fill the display with accessories and even jewelry. Surely, besides wood, you are going to need other materials, including glass and stuff to display inside the glass table.

Those coffee table plans above are surely going to help you to build nice furniture for living room. With detailed plans and lots of patience, it will be easy for you to get the project done. All those 2×4 coffee table plans above can be tried with ease in weekends or during your spare time.

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