Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table for Vintage and Classic Style

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Lane Altavista Virginia Coffee Table for Vintage and Classic Style

Elegant and stylist is what you see at first time from Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table. It is different from usual coffee table as the size is longer with wider tabletop. Lane style for the table takes inspiration from the old table where people use to do outdoor gathering. Today, such approach is adopted to this style. Yes, you will see elegant table with rectangle tabletop and four stands in each corner.

Coffee table is a perfect choice for living room. You need furniture to serve guest or treat friends. This furniture will look terrific alongside sofas and other sitting area. In past time, people relied on this table to serve for outdoor because it’s small and easy to carry around. There was the table in living room, but still looked like the regular one. Furthermore, the design is evolved with more revolutionary approaches. Designer creates various designs and that’s what you see from Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table.

The classic and vintage style has its own way to be in the present time. People consider furniture, including coffee table, in vintage category based on two ways. Firstly, the product is definitely vintage because the production year is several decades ago. It is rare to find such items, except you buy directly from the previous owner.

Instead of buying the old product, the second way is more common since many manufacturers create vintage furniture recently. The vintage and classic is only from the design, not for material and finishing. Lane surfboard coffee table is good example to represent this condition. Surfboard has longer size than the normal lane coffee table. It has additional pillars at the center to hold tabletop. At specific design, designer makes it with two standard lanes.

All furnishings mentioned above use hardwood for the entire frame and part. The tabletop is wooden finishing with dark brown color. Regular shape is rectangle with sharp corner. There is no layer or shelf at below tabletop that gives more space for feet. You can move around easily, but still have foot section.

Due to its size and design, this is the table which you should put for outdoor event. However, coffee table is meant to be indoor that you need to adjust with room arrangement. When adding this table, make sure to slightly lean it to one side of the wall. It gives more space for adding sofas chairs around Lane Altavista Virginia coffee table.

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