Bendeleben Coffee Table with Elegant Design and High-Grade Material

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Bendeleben Coffee Table with Elegant Design and High-Grade Material

Elegant is what you see from Bendeleben coffee table. It is furniture for living room or lounge where you can enjoy putting anything at tabletop. As coffee table, there is lower shelf for additional area to keep your stuff. However, this shelf is not closed storage because you can still see the table stands and their frame. At the lowest part, there is round frame connected to each stand.

Before exploring further about Bendeleben coffee table design and material, you may interest to know why coffee table becomes popular furniture. People use it for living room alongside sofas and chair. It has similar height to the seating position on sofa. In particular case, sofa is quite lower or higher. Coffee table is not solely for serving coffee. You may put anything at this tabletop in order to treat your guest. With reachable height, there is no need to stand firmly just to get snacks or drink. At first, it was only for functionality. Now, many manufacturers design their own table to fulfill the various style demands.

Bendeleben coffee table has versatile design. The tabletop is in round or circular shape with four stands. At below, you can see second shelf similar to the top section, but it’s a little bit smaller. Overall design for the table looks like round shelves with two layers. Good thing about second layer is removable mode. You can replace this part to deliver the full table without second shelf.

The basic material is combination between rustic wood and metal. The tabletop and second shelf use wood with rustic accent. The color is dark brown where you still see the wood pattern directly. To strengthen table structure, the metal wraps the tabletop edge, including shelf. You see bold metal with smooth contour in tabletop edge. You do not have to worry about sharp edge because it’s covered by metal. Furthermore, it helps to adjust table position when you need to move around one spot to another. For shelf, the metal helps to remove it easily. It is able to attach and detach quickly into table frame.

From artistic side, metal improves the designs to look modern, yet elegant. You can use this table for living room. Another area is lounge where people can enjoy and relax. The strong material prolongs the table’s durability, while elegant design is enough to boost room atmosphere. Those are the main features from Bendeleben coffee table.

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