What You Don’t Know about Better Homes and Gardens Crossmill Coffee Table

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Now with Better Homes and Gardens crossmill coffee table, you can enjoy television shows as well as keep important secrets. Thanks to the hidden compartment in this coffee table, you can save a lot of things. Besides these features, there are several other advantages possessed by this unique furniture, which will be discussed more in this article.

If you are a fan of spy genre movies, you will surely be amazed by the sophisticated equipment in the film. Some of you even fantasize about being able to get the equipment. This time, you don’t need to fantasize anymore, because there is a coffee table specifically designed to have a secret compartment. The table is a product from Better Homes and Gardens, which is included in the Crossmill Coffee Table category.

What You Don’t Know about Better Homes and Gardens Crossmill Coffee Table 2

At first glance, maybe this Better Homes and Gardens crossmill coffee table is a regular table. You will be fooled by the appearance. Wrapped in light brown with wood accents and smooth weathered finishing, you won’t realize that a little below the surface of this table, there is a hidden compartment that’s wide enough to store your personal items. The mechanism for accessing the hidden compartment is quite unique. That is by sliding it, and so it will not reduce the area of the compartment.

If you don’t like the secret impressions given by this Better Homes and Gardens crossmill coffee table multiple finishes, you can go blunt and use the secret compartment as extra storage place, so your living room will feel neater than before. If you want, just replace the sliding door at the top of the table with glass then decorate the inside with a variety of small objects. Yes, your coffee table will be decorated perfectly without losing the original function.

In addition, this table is made of 100% solid hardwood, so the structure is very sturdy, as well as very heavy. Because of the strength of this table, some people even make it as a bench instead of a table by putting a soft cushion or foam on the top. With a height of only 36 inches, it can be done easily.

Without any confrontation, this crossmill coffee table is perfect for you who want extra storage in your room. With a good finish and the solid ingredients, this Better Homes and Gardens crossmill coffee table will last a long time in your living room.

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