The Vintage Vibe of Mersman Side Table with Drawer

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Mersman side table with drawer comes with a rectangular shape. It is made of walnut wood. This side table has 21 inches of height, 19.5 inches of width, and 27.5 inches of depth. Each table has different strokes and lines on the surface. Moreover, the different patterns and strokes will give you an exclusive feeling. Do you consider having a nice and small side table for your beloved place of living? Or, do you want to add another collection of vintage things? If you say yes, please take a look at the further information.

Mersman side table with drawer is suitable for those who want to give a vintage element to their lovely house. If you take a look at it carefully, you will find out that this side table has a mid-century, modern, and minimalist vibe that will bring your whole house to the next level. The design looks pretty enough to beautify your corner. Besides, it comes with small size, so you do not have to worry about how much space that it will consume. Furthermore, it has two drawers that will help in organizing the house. By putting the side table from Mersman, you will get a vintage-ish vibe that you have been dreaming of. Moreover, it has various shapes; either you want a rectangular side table or a Mersman round table with drawer. The choice is yours.

If you are a vintage thing junkie and want to include this side table into your collection, you can get it easily, either in the stores or on online retailers. You also can find this kind of table in your nearest thrift store. Moreover, this side table has a 1970s vibe attached on its surface, so it can make your collection even more various. Then, by including this table to your collection, you might feel a nostalgic vibe. Sometimes, it is okay to go back to the past a little bit while sipping a cup of coffee. Besides, you will learn how to take care of this kind of table because it is made of wood. You will need a specific cleaner for wooden furniture. However, you should not worry as it can be cleaned easily.

This side table from Mersman has a vintage-modern vibe that will accentuate the whole house. Are you dreaming of having a vintage-themed mansion? Mersman side table with drawer can be the right choice for you.

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