Tables Side by Side LaTex Coding is Not Too Complicated

Tables Side by Side LaTex Coding is Not Too Complicated

by November 30, 2018

Many people find it difficult to setup tables side by side LaTex program on their personal computers. The setup can be challenging to people who are not used to utilize this program in their daily lives. This difficult may derive from the nature of this program. Unlike other ready to use typewriting programs, you are not going to see the end result when looking at your screen. You will not know how your layout, font, and other settings will look like in the finished product.

The process of setting up your LaTex two tables side by side minipage is actually not too complicated. It is not only going to work for your table. You can also put other figures like picture side by side as well. The tables are going to be named table1 and table2. You should start the process by signifying that you are going to put tables in that particular section.

  • Please type down \begin{table} [h!] at the beginning of your minipage.
  • After you have begun the section, you can finally setup space for table1. It is important to indicate that you are using minipage by entering \begin{minipage} [b] {0.6\linewidth}. The number before \linewidth depends on how wide you expect your tables to be. It is optional; you can specify another calculation according to your preference.
  • Following that line, you can type down \includegraphics{img\table1} to place table that you are going to put in the document.
  • To put the name of your table on the page you should also add \caption{Table 1} after that.
  • Type down \end{minipage} to indicate that one minipage section has ended.

Those steps are designed to do the first part of setting up tables side by side LaTex on aligned minipage. The process of putting the second table does not differ from that. You can start by putting in code \begin{minipage} [b] {0.6\linewidth}. The following process should be similar as the previous steps. However, you should take note that instead of putting in table1, in this process you must type in table2. To tie down these steps, you have to end the program code with \end{table}.

There is something that you have to note. You cannot put space between the first and second minipage. If you do that, your second table will be placed below the first table. You should be able setting up tables side by side LaTex program after reading.

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