Which Inventor Wanted to Develop Affordable Lighting for Homes Around the World

Which Inventor Wanted to Develop Affordable Lighting for Homes Around the World?

by November 29, 2018

Do you know which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes around the world? Well, we have to trace back the history to know it for sure. An Englishman, Humphrey Davy, assembled an electric arc lamp around 1800s by developing ideas from Alessandro Volta. Although his effort worked, the arc lamp was not made for domestic use because of its intense brightness and low longevity. Since then, other inventors were trying to come up with new light bulb designs. Most of those efforts fell short, though, due to expensive cost of production.

Joseph Swan came up with a brilliant idea by using carbonized paper filament instead of filament made of platinum in 1850. To reduce exposure from oxygen, the paper filaments were placed inside vacuum tube thus improving this incandescent lamp’s lifespan. His groundbreaking work was the first lighting invention being used by public.

While Swan’s work was highly appreciated by the public, Thomas Alva Edison will be the first man to come to your mind when thinking about inventor of affordable lighting system. People used to utilize gas lights in their homes even if they were quiet expensive to maintain and were not exactly safe. Edison created light bulb that is safer and longer lasting by controlling electric current that goes in and out the lamp. When Swan worked on his own lamp design, Edison and his team developed similar ideas for incandescent lamp. This would create patent issues in the future for both of them.

People around the world began utilizing electric lamps to light up their houses, thanks to the commercialization of those light bulbs. There are several improvements being made, including the lifespan of one bulb. The issue of excessive energy usage is also permanent in current society. Inventors and big manufacturers are coming up with new ideas to save up the energy used in every single light bulb. Those new inventions include halogen light bulb.

The latest invention of affordable light bulbs within the system is light emitting diode (LED) by Bob Biard and Gary Pittman. This lamp alters electricity into light that is very visible. It lights up the room around specific perimeter so there is no need to trap the light and make it focus. The LED cuts down electric power consumption by eighty percent. It is also has very long lifespan. Hopefully this article helps you knowing: which inventor wanted to develop affordable lighting for homes?

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