How to Hang Garland around Front Door with Vinyl Siding without Breaking the Wall

by November 27, 2018

Christmas is just a few months ahead and many people out there start asking how to hang garland around front door with vinyl siding. What have you prepared to welcome this month of joy and happiness? Snowy winter holiday is never complete without garland in your front door. Have you prepared this outdoor decoration? Hanging garland is somehow triggering problem for some people. The fact that hanging this decoration is quite tricky, you need to know how to hang garland around front door.

Well, Garland is actually the beautiful strands of light and evergreen roping. This decoration is commonly hung in front of the door or around columns to celebrate Christmas. Even though it seems easy to hang garland, you need special tips and tricks to do it perfectly without breaking the walls. How to do it? When hanging garland, make sure it attaches to the clapboard siding of house wall. This is how to hang garland around front door on brick or wood without causing visible damage. Even if the holiday has passed, the garland hanging will not leave any mark.

The most common damage when hanging garland around front door is the hole caused by nails and large staples. The hole may cause split wood which typically ends up as rot. To avoid this, you need to consider this. Before hanging the garland, pre-drill a pilot hole on the wood and continue with screwing. Screw the screw eyes at the top and bottom where you will hang the garland. This will not be too visible, allowing you to leave the screw eyes on its place for next year.

Another option to hang garland is using staple. The staple gun works well for wood surface even though it eventually leaves notable damage. Furthermore, this option is only suitable for certain garland choices, not all. If you do not mind to staple the deck railing, you can go with this option. However, if you do not allow any damage to the deck, tying up the will be the safest option to deal with. Tie the garland with the deck railing securely to hang. You need to make sure the rope is tight to avoid the garland slipping away from the railing. Last but not least, how to hang garland around front door with vinyl siding is so tricky, but it is not difficult that you need to pay more attention to it.

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