The Outstanding Remodel and Fresh Start for Vivint Smart Home Arena Renovation

The Outstanding Remodel and Fresh Start for Vivint Smart Home Arena Renovation

by November 24, 2018

After 129 days, the massive project, Vivint Smart Home Arena Renovation has finally finished and the new developed arena is officially opened. On Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Gail Miller and his family, the owner of building specifically let public take self-guided tours of this renovated arena. The renovation of this well-known home of NBA Utah Jazz aims to upgrade and maximize the guest’s experiences.

For your information, the six-level enhancements of guest experience include a new indoor lobby, the new shaped concourses, new variety of foods and “live kitchen” installation, and also some private clubs/suites to open the gathering spaces. Commit to give fully-diverse experience, the new arena covers 30 restaurants and vendors with some signature foods from El Chubasco’s, R&R, cheesesteaks and pizzas from Maxwell’s. There are also beef sandwiches of Cubby and gourmet hamburgers. The guest can experience the new step-up technologies, such as a high-speed public Wi-Fi, mobile app of Utah Jazz + Vivint Arena, predictive analysis and cloud-based technology. Well, the arena is provided with more than 400 televisions to give the guest the needed informations, including the direction and current situation of the court.

Before entering the new redesigned arena, meet the new and iconic Vivint smart home arena statue—J-note. It is a 14-foot-by-21-foot statue with a color combination of navy, green, and gold that illuminates at night. It seems like it will be a popular place for fans to take some photographs. The Vivint Smart Home Arena Renovation concept is more than just adding facilities. The owner, Gail Miller said that it’s about uniting the community. On the other side, Miller as Utah Jazz representative said that this renovation will improve their commitment to preserve talent and their ambition of NBA Championship.

The future of this arena seems bright. Just one day after its’ re-opening, it already has the scheduled event. On September 27, Faith Hills and Tim McGraw concert will take place in the new Vivint Arena. Moreover, there are some line-up shows, like Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Billy Joel, and Katy Perry. There will be other special performances from the Disney on Ice and Harlem Globetrotters. On the early October, this arena will be used to hold the preseason games, hosted by The Jazz. The place usually has 1.8 million visitors, holding more than 100 events annually. As a conclusion, you can say Vivint Smart Home Arena Renovation is a successful project.

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