Lowel Ego Digital Imaging Tabletop Fluorescent Light Unit with Splendid Lighting Fixture

Lowel Ego Digital Imaging Tabletop Fluorescent Light Unit with Splendid Lighting Fixture

by November 21, 2018

It does not matter whether you are amateur or professional photographer since lowel ego digital imaging tabletop fluorescent light unit will deliver the utmost result. It is fluorescent lighting in one service with the cord to plug directly on electric socket. This device uses closed box with two lamps at the inside area. You just put them on table and no need to adjust as the device will emit the light immediately.

Before further exploring the features, you should know its function and purpose. Basically, the device is also called tabletop lighting due to small size and lightweight figure. It is like a desk lamp as additional lighting. Why do you need this light? The main purpose is to provide fluorescent for photography activity. As you know, lighting is the key in this field to bring excellent result. Usually, you just need to put the object at particular spot with enough lighting. If the area is dark, you can add lighting like desk lamp. However, the result is not quite good due to strong intensity. That’s where lowel ego light kit becomes the right choice for such purpose.

This product is suitable not only for professional, but also everyone who has passion in photography field. For example, you have online shop and want to capture photo for display. There is no doubt that attractive photo is the main attraction. With this light kit, you can take photo as realistic as possible on the tabletop, but it still gives excellent quality. Hobbyist and collectors are those people who want to show what they have. Another is archivist with the task to get photos. Splendid photo is useful to further research. The desktop publisher and media-related jobs also need more than ordinary photo. That’s why this fluorescent light becomes the top option.

What are the features of this product? It has lightweight figure where you can put at tabletop easily. The design adopts arc shape with three sides. One angle is perpendicular with two sides, and the rest is connected through arc. This design emits delicate light at the center. This product has a cord that’s capable to plug in common socket at home. The basic voltage is about 120 V. You do not need to add anything such as cover to control the light emission. Just put the object nearby and let lowel ego digital imaging tabletop fluorescent light unit does what it should do.

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