“Do Tyson and Michelle Spiess Live in a Tiny House?”, Mini House’s Questions and How to Tackle It

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Do Tyson and Michelle Spiess Live in a Tiny House

Maybe you often ask questions, “Do Tyson and Michelle Spiess live in a tiny house” since they were able to design a mini-beating house, but with a fairly luxurious and comfortable interior design. This contradiction is what makes many people interested in married couple who guide a television program about this exterior and interior design. What is the reason behind the designs they both make? Many people wonder, but actually, the answer is quite simple: Tyson and Michelle Spiess have a burning spirit about the compact house. Well, here are some motivational thoughts from the mini houses masters.


It’s all in your mind

Tyson and Michelle Spiess believe that big and small definitions are truly subjective, especially if they are not accompanied by supporting data as a reference, such as the ratio of land area to building area. If the definition of big and small is still a question, there is nothing wrong if you make their house as possible as they can. Moreover, measure it to determine whether the house is worthy of being called a mini house or not.


Free other sectors

Often, mainstream people feel comfortable living in big house. In fact, the results of their “habits” are unnecessary space for the interior, while the minimum space for exterior. You will eventually feel restrained by the walls around you. The situation will be different if you give a balanced portion of indoor and outdoor. The existence of open space is useful as a multipurpose room where you can do many things in it, from playing together, relaxing, or even decorating with various plants. That way, you can easily live big in a tiny house.


Compact is comfortable

Before trying to stay in it, many people feel skeptical about the mini-house. Actually, small-sized houses actually store large potential. Imagine, with its small size, you can easily store and remember your items that are not used. In addition, you also do not need to spend a lot of time and energy to clean the entire house. In fact, with a good spatial arrangement, the mini-house won’t feel small, so you will be comfortable enough in it.

Those are some statements about the benefits of small houses. Although less able to answer the question ” do Tyson and Michelle Spiess live in a tiny house?”, but at least, it can give you an idea of ​​the perspective of living in small house.

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