Say Good Bye to Burglary with Wireless Peephole Camera for Front Door

Say Good Bye to Burglary with Wireless Peephole Camera for Front Door

by November 18, 2018

The greatest innovation in this decade is probably wireless peephole camera for front door. Peephole is a small hole that’s located at the door and aims to find out who is knocking on the door. Some manufacturers finally succeeded in innovating with these simple features and made it extraordinary with a number of quite sophisticated additions. Let’s discuss further.


Digitalized display

One of the most important features for creating wireless peephole camera is its ability to no longer depend on technical problems but has penetrated into digital problems. Instead of just a glass inserted in door, wireless peepholes use camera technology. Today’s technology is so sophisticated that it allows for small camera to be used as replacement for peephole. The cameras are also capable of recording HD images. Some of wireless peephole camera for front door is even equipped with motion detector to start recording when there is movement, or even infrared to record in low light conditions. In addition, LCD display will display what’s recorded by the camera outside. This LCD display has a fairly compact size.


Wireless connectivity

Another feature is wireless connectivity. Imagine if your smart wireless peephole door camera can connect to the internet, then everything can happen. You can check it at any time either through a website or special application. Moreover, you can also save the peephole record in the cloud if there is a suspicious person at your door. You can still see who is at your door, even though you are not inside. Surely, this internet access speed is based on how sophisticated wireless peephole is. But, now the 2.5 GHz speed is standard for all wireless cameras.


Converse ability through hidden speaker and microphone

Okay, you can already see who is at your door when you are not at home, then what? You just let them stand there without needing a warning? That’s why the speaker and microphone can really help. Just leave a message like “I’ll be back in a minute” or “just leave the package in front of the door”. Your voice will be directly channeled through a small speaker in peephole. Thanks to the microphone, you can also hear replies from them, so you can chat with each other without opening the door.

Those are some of the latest features of the wireless peephole. Hopefully, with wireless peephole camera for front door, your home will be safer than before.

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