Shiplap Router Bit to Level up Your Woodwork Skill

by November 17, 2018
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Not many people know that shiplap router bit is able to facilitate your woodwork. Usually, shiplap is used to combine two kinds of wood. Besides, it can also be used to connect woods lined up side by side. This type of connection is favored by many people not only because it has an attractive shape and design, but it also has exceptional resistance to dealing with external problems. However, in making such woodwork also requires complicated and detailed work. Fortunately, this time you will try to work on a shiplap using a router bit specifically designed for that.

In determining a router bit, you must understand that like other machine parts, there are many types of router bits. Router bits are most often used because of the ease of operation is dado bits. Dado is actually a technique for making shiplap that cut across through wood, and dado bits make the job very easy to do.

There is other shiplap router bit that has a large enough usefulness to strengthen the connection between the woods, called Flush bits. Like the iron that’s welded between one and another, these flush bits can also remove traces of inter-wood connections by destroying them then reconnect them using high heat and friction.

The installation of shiplap itself is also very dependent on transverse pieces that have the same level of the slope between woods. To get a flat slope result, you need one shiplap joint router bits designed specifically for that, namely chamfer angle bits. These router bits use a wooden sis as a guide for the cross-section, so the results are guaranteed to be very neat.

Keep in mind that in addition to the types of bits that are used based on their usefulness, you also have to determine which size is roughly suitable for the wood that you will use for shiplap. Basically, the size of bits consists of only two types, namely large (1/2 “) and small (1/4”). Both sizes are used as universal standards because they are able to provide neat pieces without disturbing the integrity of the wood that you make a shiplap.

For your information, the two variables mentioned above are the main variables that determine the effectiveness of your shiplap results. There are still various other variables, but if you are able to overcome the two variables of the shiplap router bit, you will come out fine.

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