The Reasons to Choose Delburne Full Bookcase Bed for Kids Bedroom

The Reasons to Choose Delburne Full Bookcase Bed for Kids’ Bedroom

by November 11, 2018

Delburne Full Bookcase Bed is a beautiful piece of furniture from Ashley. Just like other products from the brand, this bed is beautifully crafted and completed by lots of great features. It is particularly great for kids’ bedroom. It also has several features that may be very useful for bedroom of your kids.

This bookcase bed has plenty of storage. One of the most important reasons why this bed is great for your kids’ bedroom is because it comes with much storage. As we all know, kids have tons or toys and clothes that need to be well-kept. The bed has storage cabinets and shelves almost in every part of it. The footboard has two drawers and the headboard have 5 storage cabinets and several shelves as well. With this bed, you do not need to buy furniture, like cabinets or drawers, to store your kids’ stuff.

Moreover, it is made of selected veneers and woods. In most Delburne Full Bookcase Bed reviews, there are a lot of positive tones regarding to its material. Yes, the material to build this piece of furniture is high-quality veneers and wood. It gives the bed sturdy structure and long lasting benefit. The bed is coated with layers of waterproof finish to enhance its durability.

In addition, if you want to give rustic-themed bedroom for your kids, this Delburne Full Bookcase Bed is exactly what you need. The design is rugged and old-fashioned; making the bed looks authentic and unique. It has rustic finish with bronze-tone hardware around the bed. This is basically a great-looking bed that your kids are surely going to love.

The bed is also coming with faux metal brackets and slat roll. For those who want to have unique looking bed, the brackets are just perfect. They add rugged and rustic decorative accents, leaving the bed looks aesthetically pleasing. The slat rolls included on the box when you buy the bed also great to have as it eliminates the need to have box spring or other foundations for the bed.

Now, it is clear that this bed from Ashley is great for your kids’ bedroom at home. You can literally save space with the bed and do not need to spend more money to buy drawers and cabinets. This is why the Delburne Full Bookcase Bed should really get considered when you plan to buy a bed for the bedroom.

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