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Sapien Bookcase DWR, a Perfect Piece for Book Collector Living in Small Space

by November 9, 2018

Those who have limited space but are avid readers should think about having Sapien bookcase DWR furniture in their house. While this edition has been discontinued from the producer, you can still find it secondhand in the used furniture market. Many people have complimented the bookcase’s usability as well as its contemporary look. Its durability is also highly admired by the owners.

Well, Sapien bookcase tall dimension makes it look like regal art piece when being place inside your room. The bookcase consists of narrow shelves that are being stacked high across slim support. The short Sapien style bookcase is about 60 inches high and 14 inches wide. It has ten shelving units which are going to hold your book collections wonderfully. Meanwhile, the tall version is around 79.5 inches high which is quiet an impressive height for a bookshelf. It has the width of 14 inches which is similar to the short version.

Sapien Bookcase DWR, a Perfect Piece for Book Collector Living in Small SpaceDespite its slimness, you can expect Sapien bookcase DWR to perform wonderfully. Its shelves are about 2 mm thick and are also removable according to your need. Even the, each thin shelf is able to hold considerable amount of weight. Five books can be place on top of one shelf which means that each shelf can handle around 5.5 pounds of weight. That is a very impressive feat for such thin bookcase. You do not have to worry about breaking this bookcase with such weight. The construction is made of all-metal materials. The base is weighted to hold its structure.

How to arrange books in this bookcase? One characteristic that it has is that owner cannot arrange book in the conventional way or standing up. The book should be stacked horizontally on top of each other to fit the space. As stated before, each shelf can hold five books. It means when fully utilized, the short bookcase can hold fifty books while the tall one can keep up to seventy books. Because the horizontal storing system, you can mix big books with smaller ones easily.

It is a style of bookcase suitable for apartment or city living. This furniture enables people who are living in small space to still able to collect books. However, if you have children around, you may want to reconsider. The metal material may have sturdy edges that can be hazardous for children. Nonetheless, Sapien bookcase DWR is a very worthy piece.

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