Mainstays 5 Shelf Bookcase Instructions, not as Complicated as You Thought

Mainstays 5 Shelf Bookcase Instructions, not as Complicated as You Thought

by November 7, 2018

Many people are ripping their hair out when trying to follow Mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions to assemble it. There are people who find it easy to follow those instructions and creating fully functional bookcase. However, some people find it extremely difficult to decipher what the instructions manual of this bookcase with five shelving units are trying to tell them. Let’s try to breakdown every part of the affordable bookcase’s instructions manual.

Those who have found success in assembling the five shelves bookcase states that the instructions resemble the ones you will find at Mainstays 3 shelf bookcase assembly manual. You should be able to follow through, even if you are not exactly an expert in furniture building business. The tools you will require are hammer, screwdriver, and some nuts and bolts that you will find in the packaging of disassembled bookcase.

Analyze the pieces of your shelves. Look at the edges of your wooden piece. There will be three unfinished edges and a finished one. The finished side is going to be located at the back of your bookcase. The left side of your shelf will be labeled with A while the right side will be labeled with B. Rummage through the hardware bag inside your bookcase packaging to find locking turn nuts. They are rounded shape and have X on their heads to connect with Philips screwdriver.

Mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions tell you to hammer down the locking turn nuts into holes that are located inside panel A and B. After that, find eight locking bolts in the bag. They have groove on one end and flat surface on the other. Pound down by the flat ends into holes on panel C and D or the top and bottom of your bookcase. Place the opened part of your pins from panel D to the bottom of panel A. The pins are going to slide inside the lock nut. Turn the lock nut using screwdriver to fasten the pins. Do this part on panel B.

Place panel C on top of your A and B panels then turn the lock nuts using screwdriver to fasten the panels. After that, you can place supports for the shelves according to preferred height. Once the supports have been installed, you can slide the shelves on top of them. As you can see, Mainstays 5 shelf bookcase instructions are not that daunting.

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