Sauder Storybook Bookcase as Child Friendly Furniture

Sauder Storybook Bookcase as Child Friendly Furniture

by November 6, 2018

If you want to place child friendly bookshelf in your children’s room, you can try considering Sauder storybook bookcase. This piece of furniture is going to be a great addition the little one’s room. Many parents want to introduce the love for books to their children as early as possible. It is said to be able improving their cognitive ability significantly. Having good looking fixture in their own room that is going to support their love for books is very crucial. What are this special bookshelf’s features?

There is one rule of thumb for choosing the perfect furniture for children’s room: it should be usable to the kids. Children have short statures that prevent them to reach out items in conventional storage system. You must choose bookcase that has high utility for them, enabling your kids to take and return books whenever they please. This bookcase for storybook is around 59.76 inches high. It has length of 29.13 inches and width of 11.65 inches. While the kids may need older people’s help to reach the upper shelves, they can use the lower part themselves.

Sauder Storybook Bookcase as Child Friendly Furniture

Sauder storybook bookcase also respects children’s hobby of collecting. The bookcase consists of four shelves that are spacious enough to keep many of your child’s trinkets. You can display books, photos, toys, flowers, and even little dolls on the shelves. Two of the shelves are easily adjustable. By maximizing the storage space in the bookcase, you are preventing the children’s room from being messy easily. Children tend to leave their used toys abandoned after playing if you do not provide them proper storage space.

If you want larger storage you can also choose Sauder storybook storage bin bookcase. This particular storage unit allows more room for storage. You can keep big toys and dolls in inside the cubby. The utility is also great because it is designed to be around small child’s height or about 32.8 inches. Like the conventional bookcase, this storage space comes to your front door ready to be assembled.

This bookcase is made of engineered wood that is sturdy and can survive the test of time. It will be accompanying your children over the years without requiring too much maintenance work. The bookcase comes in various colors, mostly pastel ones. You can easily match it with other furniture in the room. Sauder storybook bookcase is definitely furniture that family with children must own.

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